Thursday, May 5

Weekday at Bernie's

Thursday morning and early afternoon met us with road trip send-offs, Captains' breakfast, and the beginnings of the pyramids on the quads (there were some other events too, including the compassing of the admin building, but I chose to use that time to take a nap, unfortunately). Thursday morning is fun, it's the first chance for all the teams to come together and see what they've all come up with for costumes (both for themselves and their road trips), talk about items, figure out what item wordings were still unclear even though we spent hours trying to figure out every possible way they could be misinterpreted - etc. Also, despite some pretty serious lack of sleep, I managed to not die right there in Hutch, which was a concern for a while.

The weather managed to get a good deal nicer than it has been, so walking around and watching the pyramid building was a mighty fine way to spend the early afternoon.

Most importantly, everyone's good friend Bernie showed up, even though he's usually pretty busy in New York, or throwing one of his crazy weekend parties. He seemed a little tired, but he must have been pretty active because we saw him hanging out with a whole bunch of different teams. Needless to say, I was thrilled to have my picture taken with the guy.

The resemblance is truly uncanny. Just call me Larry Wilson!

I would also like to direct everyone's attention to the final line of the wikipedia plot synopsis of Weekend and Bernie's, which is: "At last, Bernie is buried and can rest in peace... or can he?" That said, it pales in comparison to the final line of the synopsis of Weekend and Bernie's II.

We'll see you all tonight at the debate for Scav Sheriff! Should be a good time.

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  1. "I managed to not die right there in Hutch, which was a concern for a while."

    I can verify this. In a room full of exhausted captains and more than a few Bernies, GS was decidedly the least animate one present.