Saturday, May 7

Friday! Friday! Everything has eyeballs for some REASON

You know, it's a funny thing being a scav judge, especially in your second year of it. In my experience, your first year as a judge is filled with months and months of planning utterly ridiculous items and events and then all of them appear, as if by insane magic, during four days in May. So then, in your second year, maybe you'd expect the wonder and joy to wear off - after all, you go into the event knowing that your wildest dreams will be realized.

And then you see stuff like this:

IT IS A PAIR OF GOOGLEY EYES. ON ROCKEFELLER CHAPEL. 200 feet in the air. staring down at campus.

maybe even staring down angrily, disapprovingly! Who knows???!

I like to imagine the rest of the face looks like this:

And that was just the beginning! There were also pyramids on the quads:

Judge Baby!

Judge Chris in a sweet hat!

And of course,the last official event of the night was our world record attempt on the quads. I'm sure more will be written on this later, but, if you were anywhere nearby you know the main thrust of what happened: a HUGE number of people showed up. Way more than expected. As you may have seen, Head Judge Grace was quoted in the Maroon today as saying she expected 500 people to show up, and this was considered a highly ambitious estimate. We're still not sure on the final number, but The Turk (who was in charge of this event and deserves enormous credit for his very hard work and organization on this) told us at the end that we had at least 880 people participating. Which is more than four times as many as those danged Canadian school kids who currently hold the record.

Anyway, here's a photo I took of the crowd (hope you love lens flare!)


I hope you all liked the scav-within-a-scav. For me it was super tiring, though I did get to re-establish my dominance as The Loudest Judge. Take that, guy from 2002's The Hunt!

Oh my lord, what a day.

Now we're watching Ozzie, because as they say, ain't no rule says a koala can't be a terrifying anamatronic monster!

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