Thursday, May 5

crayon coloring bloggin'

Sam Bowman and I are hanging out in the Chicago Weekly office (which, by the way, features an awful lot of awards for one "Sam Feldman") with all the scavvies who decided to come out for the crayon coloring contest. Alas, the only light we were able to provide them with is coming from a low pressure sodium lightbulb, which has the unfortunate side effect of seriously dulling all the colors they are trying to use. So, for example, here are two crayons I stole from Blint - note that this picture hasn't been altered at all, this is how it looks to all of us right now:

And for reference, here are those same two crayons under the illicit, full-spectrum light of my laptop screen:

Overheard in the room:

--"We're painting with all the colors of the wind here, guys."
--"No, we're painting with all the colors of blindness."

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