Sunday, May 8


I am afraid that because it is so so so late at night, and I am weary beyond belief thanks to perhaps ten (wonderful, but tiring) HQ visits, and of course we have Judgment tomorrow, so all I can offer you from this glorious day are some photos and very brief commentary.

The day was amazing. Scav Olympics is always a good time, but I have to say that when I think back about today the things I will remember are these:

1. Santa Claus. Usually this happens every year, but you don't always see santa leading dances. Also, having more fun than anyone else:

2. The tiger, and the lion. Is there anything to say about this that hasn't been said? There was a lion, and a tiger, and they were on the midway. The lion peed on the midway. The tiger growled and scared young children. I forget which team was responsible for bringing the tiger, but the inter-team work that brought the lion was truly a beautiful sight, all these scavvies working together for the greater glory of scav.

But there was so much more! The Scampy watermelon carving was incredible, and so was their carving of Hamlet in a copy of Hamlet. The GASH fireflower made me scream like an insane man (in a good way) but my video of it didn't come out super well (also, it features me screaming like an insane man). Dinner was delicious, as always, visiting HQs was fun and made me remember why even though judging is fun, there's so much fun that we miss out on by not being on a team. Visiting the HQ for team Pals was cool too - I really love the ideas of these micro-teams (like last years' Team Lanie). At lunch, a long-time judge named joe (AJoe I think, but I've learned a lot of names recently so who knows) said that once, as an undergrad, a friend of his got drunk and challenged him to scav hunt, 1 on 1. So each of them would have to get as many points as possible, on their own (but then joe became a judge so it didn't work out). Still, great idea, no? I think it should be encouraged in every way.

Well, this started out as a post that would just be pictures so I could get to sleep, now I'm the only one still awake in CDA, the clickity-clack of my laptop keys and the glowing light of my laptop screen no doubt irritating the other judges immensely. Judgment is coming in Too Few Hours (i'm sure you agree with me on this one) so I will have to get ready to sleep at least a little between now and then.

Good luck to all of you tomorrow - it's been a great hunt so far and I am sure the rest of it will be amazing. I particularly look forward to your combination guitar player / jugglers! Anyone who does that item will earn a hearty high-five from me.



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  3. Snitchcock, alone, brought the tiger.