Wednesday, May 4

Judge Alignments

For those Scavvies who don't know us so well, here's a quick guide to our personalities based on criteria that you are probably familiar with:

Head Judge Grace Chapin - Lawful, Good, Smiley
Christian Kammerer - Neutral, Neutral, Smiley
Jonathan Williams - Chaotic, Good, Neutral
Emily Watkins - Lawful, Neutral, Smiley
Daniel "Turk" Citron - Lawful, Good, Frowny
Dan Wade - Chaotic, Neutral, Frowny
Paul Davis - Chaotic, Evil, Smiley
Chris Havlin - Neutral, Good, Neutral
Ben Umans - Lawful, Evil, Frowny
Cynthia Liu - Chaotic, Evil, Frowny
Leah Rand - Lawful, Neutral, Smiley
Margaret Anne Mallari- Lawful, Good, Smiley
Ezra Deutsch-Feldman - Chaotic, Neutral, Smiley
Sam Feldman - Lawful, Good, Smiley
Sarah Staudt - Lawful, Good, Smiley
Sam Bowman - Neutral, Good, Frowny
Julian Schwaller - Chaotic, Good, Frowny
Rebecca Maurer - Lawful, Good, Smiley
Alex Brandt - Chaotic, Neutral, Neutral


  1. So where are the judges emeritus on this list?

  2. This is incredibly accurate. Mad props.