Wednesday, May 4

The Hunt Draws Nigh!

OH EM GEE it is almost Scav Time. Are you all ready? I bet you are not! NOTHING WILL PREPARE YOU for the madness we have this year! It is truly insane.

Judges, once dispersed throughout the land, have begun to crawl back to Hyde Park like salmon, instinctively returning upstream to spawn in their foul mating ritual. Broadway "Danny" Putnam, Dr. Watkins, St. Christian, The Trickster, AFeld of the Clan AFeld, and more - some of them even now walk the campus, preparing for the otherworldly monstrosity that is now, by my count, but seven hours away.

So get ready! Keep scavenging, keep spreading the word for our world record attempt, keep telling those cocky first years that even though they feel pretty sure they have this whole "college" thing under control, their world is about to get rocked like none other.

Speaking of rocking, I've just learned about a newfangled toy called "Donkey Kong Country Returns," so I think I know how I'LL be spending my time from now until Sunday.

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are each different, with different skills and abilities, but they work together to form something wonderful. In this way they are like the Judges (Donkey) and the Scavvies (Diddy), working together for the greater glory of chaos and freedom and whatnot. Also, Diddy has a rocket or missile of some kind, and it's very dangerous. So there's that.

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