Thursday, May 5

It is ON like donkey kong country returns!

And with that, the lists have been given out to each and every team, the easter eggs have been (for the most part) found and returned, and the judges have now returned to the apartment which, this year at least, is filled with the ancient spirit of C, D, and A. Rumor has it that the night will feature Portal, half a ton of off-brand party snack mix, and a weekend or two at Bernie's.

HJG's glass eye came out well in this photo.

List release was a rousing success, as far as I could tell, with some 1800 easter eggs spread throughout the lower half of the quads, some percentage of which contained GOLDEN TICKETS, which could, under the right circumstances, be traded in for the liiiiiiiiiissssst! Also there were some SWEET JAMS which we played as loudly as we could, including some awesome theme songs of scav hunts past. I'll say it now: I danced a lot more than I expected to. What can I say? I'm damn excited.

This is the dance of total joy. Scav Hunt is going to rock this year, guys!

Also, I would have included a picture of the easter egg event itself, but the only one Margaret took was of an egg that was hidden in the loving embrace of a dead, totally gross squirrel. You can thank me later.

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